B-KER 2 Laboratory Jar


Product Category: Phipps and bird.

Now you can draw your jar test samples with a minimum of disturbance to the settling floc. The B-KER 2 Laboratory Jar has a sampling port conveniently located at the 10 cm settling-distance level. There’s no need to raise the Jar Tester paddles. Simply open the valve, and your sample is gently drawn off. The B-KER 2 Laboratory Jar:

  • Is constructed of strong, durable, 1/4 inch thick acrylic
  • Has a square shape that provides thorough mixing action and, in many cases, accurately duplicates actual plant conditions
  • Features a sampling port with ball valve.
  • Comes complete and ready to use.
  • Is compatible with all Phipps & Bird Jar Testers, as well as most other stirrers.

Catalog No. 7790-630-4: B-KER2 Lab Jar, Set of 4

Catalog No. 7790-630-6: B-KER2 Lab Jar, Set of 6


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