Dipper-Type Sampler


Product category: Phipps and bird.

For over 35 years the Phipps & Bird Dipper-Type Sampler has proven its dependability in wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, paper mills, food processing plants, paint manufacturers, textile mills, government facilities and other institutional applications.

  • Automatically collects liquid samples from streams, flumes, lagoons, ponds or manholes.
  • Performs reliably even under conditions of high levels of suspended solids or trash-laden flows . . . conditions where most pump-type samplers are ineffective.
  • Easy to install; little maintenance required.


  • 200cc stainless steel Dipper Cup.  (Smaller cups available upon request).
  • Stainless steel Trough mounted on adjustable support adapts to most types of collection containers.
  • Stainless steel Chain with connecting links assures proper length for various depth settings.
  • Stainless steel Support Pipe of sufficient length to adjust depth from 25 inches to 10 feet.  Longer pipe for greater depth available upon request.  (Maximum 20 feet).
  • Bakelite Lower Chain Guide.  Grooved to ensure proper chain traverse and minimize clogging and corrosion.  Similar in principle to chain saw guide.
  • Rugged, powder-coated angle iron Frame to support unit on a platform or above a manhole.
  • Housing for Motor and Electronic Control package fabricated of steel with powder- coated finish.  Rubber gasket seal protects controls against splashing and moisture.
  • Switch actuated by Trip bar mounted on Chain automatically stops cycle after sample has been poured into the Trough.
  • Stainless steel Sprocket assures steady movement of Chain without slippage.
  • A gear drive Motor capable of 9 inch-pounds output torque powers the sprocket.  This 12-volt DC shunted Motor develops .001 horsepower at 3,000 RPM and is geared down 340: 1.  It is ventilated and has Class ”A” insulation.


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