Kymograph Physiology Lab



Product category: Phipps and bird.

A complete Kymograph-based physiology experiments lab offering a “hands-on” experience to biology students. This complete “course in a case” contains all the necessary apparatus, including a microprocessor-controlled Kymograph and a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, to perform a wide range of experimentation:

  • Physiology of Respiration in Man
    • Respiratory Patterns
    • Effects of Exercise on Respiration
    • Sensory Stimuli Affecting Respiratory Movements
  • Physiology of Frog Muscle Contraction
    • Muscle Twitch
    • Muscle Response to Variations in Stimuli
    • Strength & Frequency
  • Physiology of Frog and Turtle Heart
    • Recording Heartbeat
    • Refractory Period of the Heart
    • The “All or None” Response

All components are packed in a rugged attache-style case. Battery included. Available as smoke or ink-writing models in 110v or 220v. Also available: Physiology Accessory Kits, for schools which already own a Kymograph.

Also recommended–The Electrophysiology System 690 for advanced studies in physiology, including the Nerve Action Potential, EEGs, ECGs and EMGs. Catalog #7092-690.


  • #7005-401 PK-1 – Smoke Writing
  • #7005-402 PK-2 Smoke Writing w/ Smoking Stand & Burner
  • #7005-403 PK-3 Ink Writing


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