Wet Spirometer


Product category: Phipps and bird.

Now there’s an academic-quality wet spirometer that combines reliability and accuracy with an increased volume to accommodate students with larger lung capacities.

Introduce students to the basics of respiratory physiology through experiments in which they are the subjects. Measure Tidal Volumes (TV), Inspiratory Capacity (IC), Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV), Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV), and Vital Capacity (VC).

  • Large, easy-to-read scale graduations
  • Highly accurate
  • 9-Liter capacity
  • Disposable mouthpieces and one-way plastic valve for sanitary classroom use
  • Easily portable and storable

Each unit comes complete with instructions and a lab manual of theory and student experiments along with an initial supply of 100 disposable mouthpieces.


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